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  • Recall the Recall Rally
    This is unedited and unembellished footage from the Recall the Recall Rally held at the Edgewater Hotel in Madison, WI on Nov 15th, 2011. Vicki McKenna and Rep. Robin Vos were the guest speakers hosted by the Dane County Young Republicans. You may download this, edit, embellish, mash-up as you please.  Have at it.   […]
  • Reince Priebus and the “Ultimate Stimulus Plan” (at the 18min:42sec mark)
    September 10, 2011 Charlie Sykes of AM620 WTMJ Milwaukee, introduces Reince Priebus,the Chairman of the Republican National Committee and previous chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. He is speaking at the Wisconsins 1st congressional District’s Republican Fall Fest. Selected Quotes… “I also want to thank our Tea Party Friends.” at the 4:45 minute mark. Mr. Priebus speaks […]
  • Brian Schimming Lends His Wisdom at the 1st Congressional District’s Republican Fall Fest
    September 10, 2011 Brian Schimming is introduced by Charlie Sykes from AM620, WTMJ Milwaukee during the Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District’s Republican Fall Fest. Mr. Schimming is a Radio talk show host with NewsTalk1310, WIBA/Madison and WISN1130/Milwaukee. Vice Chairman; Rep Party of Wisconsin. Partner; Midwest Strategy gov’t/biz relations. Feel free to embed this video where you […]
  • Matt Gorniak, a Firefighter from Oak Creek, WI
    September 10, 2011 Matt Gorniak, a firefighter from Oak Creek Wisconsin is introduced by Charlie Sykes from AM670, WTMJ Milwaukee at the 1st Congressional District’s Republican Fall Fest. Matt did not want to pay his union dues and was subsequently barred from association with the other firefighter union members to work with him on a commemorative parade […]
  • Raging Grannies Sing at the Solidarity March
      The Raging Grannies of Wisconsin gather for a song and voice their opinion about collective bargaining and the moral implications of the actions of the current Wisconsin Government.   This was filmed with the help of on August 25th, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin during the Solidarity march and rally for state workers.


Hallis Mailen – Hunger Strike – Day 71 “Decision Point”

A number of points were covered but not entirely relating to the topics he made on Day 63.  This latest interview will explain his thoughts on changing his tactics to accelerate his downward spiral toward an unfortunate end, praise to a select few supporters, and a brief history of his path to where he is today.

One common theme followed his words throughout the interview.

He is is greatly disheartened by the lack of recognition, the abandonment, and the apathy of those who said they would support him. He does not want to be the first veteran to die of a hunger strike under an American President on American soil.

You want to support him? There are 440 friends on Hallis’ facebook site and hundreds of viewers of his interviews. There should be thousands.  Every one of you should grab the embed codes and place them on your own facebook pages, blogs, and websites. Send the links out on your twitter accounts.  Submit the links and a personal message from you to other’s facebook pages, blogs, and any news media site that you know of.

Somebody larger than me needs to get his message out and with enough voices you can elevate his message above the din so President Obama will hear it.

Solidarity people. Hallis is not seeing it. He really needs you to put your words into action and start typing.

Time is running out.

Erik of